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​A Little About Us


We are a foster based Non Profit Charitable 501C3 Chihuahua and small breed rescue based in Michigan. Our group is made up of dedicated, passionate volunteers that all believe, "Every dog deserves a forever home and a second chance." We  work endlessly to rescue as many dogs in need as we can. 

Even though our rescue is a Non Profit Charitable Organization we go beyond basic vetting on most of our dogs to provide them the best. We strongly rely on donations, fundraisers, and volunteers to continue our work and efforts helping these dogs.

We need your help to continue to educate people of the importance to sterilize and properly vet all dogs. Please Adopt, Don't Shop!

Won't you please help be a voice to the voiceless?

Dog with Red Sweater
Dog with a toy
Available for Adoption

Are you thinking of adding a new pet to your family? Adoption/Rescue is the way to go! You are saving a loving animal, and providing them with a loving and caring place they can call their FUREVER home!

By adopting you're not only helping ONE animal, but you are helping so many more by opening up more room in shelters and rescue for other animals to be taken in and saved.

Check out our dogs available for adoption today!


Your kind donation of any denomination will be used toward various animal supplies, such as food, treats, coats, sweaters, doggy beds, blankets, crates, puppy pads, leashes, collars, toys, etc., as well as vet care and medical expenses including surgeries, flea and tick treatments, vaccines, heartworm preventatives, medications, dentals, spays, neuters and more!

As a solely owned non-profit organization, Mary T's Chis relies heavily on the generous support of the community.

Your donation is quick, secure and will go directly toward helping the life of one of our dogs in need! 

Please DONATE or Shop our WISH LIST today! Thank you.

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Girl with Dogs

Mary T's Chis is seeking people who are able to provide temporary, loving homes to our rescue dogs!


Looking for a way to help us save more dogs? We need dedicated fosters to open their homes and hearts to these sweet little fur babies.


We will provide everything you need to care for your foster dog(s) including food, supplies, and any medications or preventatives that they need. We also take care of all the vetting. All you need to do is provide care, attention, and love!


The time period of your foster care could last anywhere from days to months, depending upon the length of stay needed until a fitting adoption can occur.

If you want to become a foster, please click the link below and fill out our foster application today!

Become a part of the MAGIC!

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