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Available Dogs

All of Mary T's available rescue dogs and puppies are age-appropriately vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.

The ages of most of our dogs are approximate since

we are not able to verify them. 

Please note that submitting an application does not mean you're automatically approved to adopt. Vet checks are the first thing we do, so if you do not provide the name and number of your vet, your application will be automatically denied. All of your current pets (or past pets if you do not have current pets) must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm preventative.


For dogs requiring a secure, fenced-in yard, no exceptions will be made. Unfortunately, we are unable to adopt dogs out of state or to Canada at this time. Approved adopters will be contacted. Thank you.

Chihuahua mix

Age 5 months old

Larry and his glorious ears are up for adoption. With creamy white fur, big brown eyes, and those pink ears, he looks just about perfect. If you're searching for your forever best friend and constant companion, Larry promises to be that dog for you. All you need to do is apply!


Yorkie Poo

Age 3-1/2

Happy. If you want to get happy, get some Bellino in your life. He is a family friendly dog and enjoys the company of kids and other dogs. He loves to run around with his foster brothers, Linus and Shaggy. He also loves to play with toys (especially plastic balls ) and chew his non-rawhide sticks. He also loves hugs from his 8- and 10-year-old human foster sisters. He finds cuddling on the couch pretty awesome. So get with the happy guy, and apply for Bellino today!


Chihuahua mix

Age 2

Mona has this fabulous underbite that will make her forever people (and everybody else she meets) smile real big. Our girl is a charmer with her expressive ears and soulful eyes, she just doesn't realize it quite yet. Mona is on the shy side and just needs the stability of a happy home to boost her confidence. Apply today and there will be no more wall flowering for her! A secure, fenced-in yard is required.


Jack Russell Terrier mix 

Age 20 weeks


Jetta is the foster favorite. She is always the first to want lap time and is always ready to cuddle. She is also the smallest, but Foster mom says not to let her size fool you. She gets a bit bossy apparently and holds her  little self up with her puppy siblings."She doesn't take any crap," she laughs. "She has a way of looking into your soul with her dark eyes. Love her!"

She's definitely a pup you don't want to pass up! Secure, fenced-in yard required.


Jack Russell Terrier mix 

Age 20 weeks


YaYa may as well be named Love Bug. Foster mom calls her a gem. In addition to being a happy puppy that loves tor run and play with her canine siblings, she loves people. Sitting on her people's laps for snuggles and kisses is her favorite pastime. She absolutely craves attention.  Beautiful to look at too with her blue merle colors! YaYa has grown up running about in a fenced yard, so a secure fenced-in yard is required. 


Beagle mix

Age 10 months

The beagle in Bosco requires a secure, fenced-in yard because we don't want his nose to take him places you don't want him to go. Plus, it's fun for him to have the chance to go on the hunt in a contained safe space! That being said, Posco loves the luxury of a warm soft place to land and hopes to enjoy plenty of naps next to his forever people. Other dogs and toys to play with would be an added bonus! Not great with cats. Secure fenced-in yard required.


Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Age 12 weeks


Kris, Kringle and Jingle have been enjoying their babyhoods with each other and a great foster family. They get along great with their siblings -- canine and human alike. And it's great fun watching them play! If you're interested in adopting a happy, floppy puppy, get your applications in!


Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Age 12 weeks

Kringle has it all. She's adorable, smart, loving and playful. While she may not do math, she is one smart puppy! She has already learned to sit on command and is doing great with her potty pad training. Her two brothers have got nothing on her. She loves to wrestle and is the most playful of her puppy siblings. She is quite a snuggle baby too. Her two teenage foster sisters have made sure she and her brothers are well socialized! Secure fenced-in yard required.


Blue Merle Chihuahua

Age 6


Here we have another Mary T favorite! Isn't he gorgeous? At just eight pounds, Toby is a little guy. He is a little shy at first but overall he's pretty easy going. He gets along with other dogs but would do great as an only dog too. He's actually pretty excited to meet his forever people and learn where he gets to go next. Help him out and apply for Toby today!



Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix

Age 8 months

Taco is a very happy family pet. He loves everybody! Because he's always on the move, Taco must have a secure fenced yard to run around in (it's the greyhound in him). He has a lot of energy and love to give. He gets along great with kids, other dogs and even cats. Taco is a dog that loves life. Adopt Taco and you'll be rewarded with a dog that'll easily adapt to your life.


Chiweenie mix

Age 2

Morgan a beautiful brindle chiweenie mix and is much smaller than she looks. It's time for our 20-lb. gal to be somebody's dog. Morgan is one of our momma dogs. She brought three of her puppies to the rescue with her, but this is HER time. She's ready for the love of her life in her forever people. Morgan has quickly learned the ropes on pet life and she's really loving it, especially those things called belly rubs. She's also trimmed down and lost that baby weight! A secure fenced yard is required. Adopt Morgan and you will enjoy a very grateful, loving dog.


Jack Russell Terrier mix 

Age 20 weeks


Murfee has one very stunning blue eye (and one brown one), giving him an unforgettable look that matches his quirky personality. Murfee is a sturdy boy with an adventurous spirit. He's quite fascinated by the world and loves to explore. At heart, he is a big baby. When his sissies get bossy, he'll roll over and gets a bit vocal (a funny little screamer, but it passes quickly so no worries). He gets along great with everyone! Secure fenced-in yard required.


Pomchi (Pomeranian/chihuahua mix)

Age 4

Rusty has the broad shoulders and stocky build of a pug, but he has the face and fur of a pomchi so he. With his slight underbite that peaks out the side of his mouth now and then, he'd say he's no designer dog but he's big on heart. Rusty does all right with the other dogs but it's forever people he's after. He wants your love, affection and companionship more than anything and vows to give you all that and more in return.



Age 3


Sydney is a foster momma favorite! Steph says she is the sweetest, most loving, bestest dog she has ever met, which is saying a lot because she's rescued and fostered a lot of dogs. Sydney will make a great addition to your family as she loves both people and dogs. 

Sydney has had six puppies in our care, which will be available for adoption in a few months. Follow our facebook page for updates!



Age 9 months

Cotton is actually rather rugged. He may have pretty curls, but there's nothing fussy about this guy! He's sort of a wash-and-wear kinda dude. And he certainly doesn't mind getting his feet wet!

With Cotton, you're in for a playful, athletic dog that loves to run, romp and play hard. He's a bit too much for little dogs! We think Cotton is more of a human's sidekick, someone his forever people can take everywhere. We imagine him jogging alongside his forever person or taking long walks with his family. He absolutely loves human attention. He's totally into people and wants his own very very much.

A secure fenced-in yard required. Cotton is not a large dog but he has long legs. He is not a miniature poodle.



Age 5

Queen bee. A 7-lb. dog that is a true chihuahua momma's dog (she's not a fan of men). Sophia wants to be your one and only and can be quite sassy about it. She's a beautiful girl with a big smile and a big personality. No children. No other dogs. Experienced chihuahua owners preferred.


Shih Tzu terrier mix

Age 10 months

We love this adorable baby boy. He's a full-grown 18 lbs., but he's still very much a baby. He's playful, rambunctious and loves to chew his non-rawhide chew sticks. He's got such a personality, he makes his foster momma laugh on a daily basis. He will scratch at the door when he wants to go out so he appears to be potty-trained. Shaggy needs a secure fenced yard to roam around in and some hands-on forever people! Older kids only. He will also need regular trips to the groomer!



Age 1-1/2

Digit is a darling little boy you'll want to make front and center and he will love you for it. His foster momma says he's quite a character and will do things like bark at snow. llHe gets along with other dogs and cats too. So save up some love and affection for this guy!


Min Pin mix

Age 2

Hollis is a happy and energetic lap guy. He will need a secure fenced-in yard to do his laps around the yard in, and then he'll need his forever people to provide the laps for him to sit in. Total lap dog! He gets along with other dogs and cats so he's great company. Win big with Hollis and apply today!



Age 4

Felix is looking for very special forever people who will love him for who he is now and help him live up to his potential. Felix arrived at Mary T's with a broken jaw (we think the resulting snaggletooth adds to his character) and paralyzed back legs. While he remains paraplegic, he is responding well to chiropractic care, physical therapy and water therapy. He is getting muscle back and can stand for several minutes over his dog dishes. His enthusiasm is contagious. He wants to go, go, go, and we imagine with this will and the right person to care for him, he'll get where he wants to go.