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Available Dogs

All of Mary T's available rescue dogs and puppies are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.The ages of many of our dogs are approximate since we are not able to verify them.

Please note that submitting an application does not mean you're automatically approved to adopt. Vet checks are the first thing we do, so if you do not provide the name and number of your vet, your application will be automatically denied. All current pets must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm preventative. Unfortunately, we are unable to adopt dogs out of state or to Canada at this time. Approved adopters will be contacted.

Thank you.

Chihuahua mix

Age 4 months

Is he a doggy or a mouse? He is pretty tiny, so it's hard to say with those glorious ears of his! We are still getting to know the little guy, as well as his two brothers! They aren't ready to go home yet, but we are accepting applications so get yours in for the little tyke.



Age 6

Bebe is a tiny 4-lb. apple-head chihuahua. She enjoys soaking up the sun, playing dress up and snuggling among the blankets. Bebe is a 100% lap dog and wants nothing more than to be held and cuddled. She is timid and shy but will tolerate other dogs if they don't invade her space. She and Mimi came from the same home, so she will bond with some other small dogs. Her activity level is low but foster mom reports no potty accidents.



Age 2

Our beautiful tri-color chihuahua is a shy but inquisitive young lady that any forever family would be happy to call their own. She has an apple-shaped head and big brown eyes that will look at you with the love and devotion all rescues share with their people. This is one pup you don't want to pass up!


Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix

Age 1

Make your day as shiny and bright as our dear Prince Elliott! Foster mom has been busy helping him put on weight and making his royal coat soft and shiny with some good food. He's coming around and learning how great living in this kingdom can be. He's a very active dog and loves, loves, loves to play with other dogs (his foster siblings) and doesn't mind the cats. When he isn't running laps in the yard, he likes to cool down on somebody's lap. A fenced yard is a must, as is a soft snuggly bed and blanket (his request).

Prince Elliott

Yorkshire terrier mix

Age 1

More scruffy than her name suggests, Fancy is perhaps the cuddliest, snuggliest dog we've had up for adoption in awhile. She absolutely wants nothing more than to cuddle under the covers with her person, although a yummy treat will get her tail wagging and wagging. Easy to please and eager to please, Fancy promises to be the best friend you ever had. 



Age 5

Some dogs have an aura that make you feel good just looking at them. Sophia is that dog. At only 7 lbs., she's the little gal you'll want to take everywhere you go because she just makes you and everyone around her smile. So make your whole world smile and put your app in for our little Sophia today!


Pomeranian mix

Age 11 month

Adopt this big puffball of fur and you'll be getting a great dog with a great name! Aspen really is a beautiful dog but more importantly, he's happy, friendly and ready to start his life with you. He's about 18 lbs and will require a fenced yard. Aspen is really smart. He follows commands and learns quickly. He's learning to play with smaller dogs. He likes to play and is always on the move. Moderate activity level.


Rat Terrier mix

Age 4

Adopt a princess! Diana is a 7-lb rat terrier mix worthy of red carpets and a crown. She'll settle for a warm lap and belly rubs. Her eyes tell a story. Make hers a fairy tale. 

Princess Diane

Chihuahua mix

Age 12 weeks

Demi is a Mary T favorite. Even though we love them all, we all admit that as foster parents some dogs pull very hard at our heart strings. And so the forever people who finally do come along for Demi are assured that she really is something special. She is still very small and wiggly and full of puppy goodness. Don't miss out at this precious time in her little life. Get your application in today!



Age 7

Mimi takes to people and other dogs quickly. She's very loving and affectionate and pretty much wants to be front and center on your lap. She will play and cuddle with other dogs but humans are her favorite. Her activity level is low but she enjoys running around the yard and exploring her space. She really wants someone who will take her everywhere. She's ready to go! 



Age 4

Felix is looking for very special forever people who will love him for who he is now and help him live up to his potential. Felix arrived at Mary T's with a broken jaw (we think the resulting snaggletooth adds to his character) and paralyzed back legs. While he remains paraplegic, he is responding well to chiropractic care, physical therapy and water therapy. He is getting muscle back and can stand for several minutes over his dog dishes. His enthusiasm is contagious. He wants to go, go, go, and we imagine with this will and the right person to care for him, he'll get where he wants to go. 



Age 2-1/2

This guy is pretty chill for a dog named Bruiser. We think he's just happy to join the Mary T pack and become a success story. At 10 lbs small, Bruiser is big enough to rough house and play but little and gentle enough to take everywhere his forever people want to go. He's ready for adventure so make sure you invite him along!