Available Dogs

All of Mary T's available rescue dogs and puppies are age-appropriately vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.

The ages of most of our dogs are approximate since

we are not able to verify them. 

Please note that submitting an application does not mean you're automatically approved to adopt. Vet checks are the first thing we do, so if you do not provide the name and number of your vet, your application will be automatically denied. All of your current pets (or past pets if you do not have current pets) must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm preventative.


Unfortunately, we are unable to adopt dogs out of state or to Canada at this time. Approved adopters will be contacted. Thank you.


Chihuahua/minpin mix

Age 9 months


This Popeye might not eat spinach but he certainly packs a powerful punch for such a tiny little guy! Popeye is very much a puppy but he will likely not get bigger than the 5-6 lbs. he currently is. If you're looking for a little charmer, Popeye is the guy. He loves to run and play, so a secure fenced-in yard is a must. He has a lot of energy and is still a puppy, so he will need patience and training. He gets along with other dogs. No kids under 12. 


Chihuahua mix
Age 13 weeks

Storm is a peppy little puppy that loves to play and play and play. She also loves to snuggle and sleep with not a care in the world. It's up to us to find her forever people. You must be ready for a puppy! They have lots of energy and very few manners. They need to be potty-trained and taught the basics in order to grow into a happy, well-adjusted pup. Storm will stay relatively small but she will become a dog. So we asking you to apply for both -- the puppy she is now and the dog she will become!


Chihuahua mix
Age 18 months


Pablo is a 10-lb social butterfly! He does well with other dogs of all sizes, cats and best of all -- kids! Pablo previously lived with a 3-year-old and had no issues! His ideal home would be one that understands a dog needs a few days to decompress and warm up to you. Pablo is a rather happy little dog with a lot of love to give and he just needs a chance to show you. Pablo is also crate trained. If interested in adopting, Pablo says, YES! PLEASE!


Yorkshire Terrier

Age 8 

Moose is a tiny guy with a big heart and very young at heart too! He gets along with others, including other small dogs and kids! (We'd prefer kids be 8 years and older.)

Moose is ready to get started on chapter two of his life and enjoy some big adventures with a forever family. Count Moose in!


Chiweenie (Chi/Doxie mix)
Age 10

Sprocket is a lap potato. He wants to be with his people and go wherever they go! He has a young spirit and enjoys a good lap around the yard. He is about 10 lbs., but gets around fine on his own. His foster mo was surprised he's 10! He gets along great with other dogs. He barks at cats but seems to get over it. He likes people and he's very friendly even when he's nervous. He sees the best in us! If you see the best in him, go ahead and apply. He's a keeper!


Chihuahua mix

Age 6 months


Get ready to play and play and play some more! Gigi is enjoying every moment of her puppyhood and hopes her forever people do too! She is only about 6 lbs, so we imagine she will stay fairly small. She likes other dogs and did we mention she likes to play? Gigi is still very much a puppy so she will need her people to be patient and to provide basic training so she grows up to be a well-mannered dog. She is a foster favorite, so expect to love carrying her around and lap lounge too! 

Princess Chi

Age 2

Princess Chi wants nothing more than to be your forever shadow. She wants to go everywhere you do! She's just a little thing too, so she's easy enough to take along! She gets along with others too and enjoys hanging out with her foster siblings. No homes with small kids. Princess Chi wants to be the baby! She's happy, cuddly and fun!


Chiweenie (Chi/doxie)
Age 9 months

Dreamy eyes! Gambino was pretty scared when he into rescue with his buddy Carlos and he is still a work in progress. He can get along with other dogs but needs proper introduction. He would do best in a home with kids over 10 and needs a family that will include him in their activities. Gambino is looking for a family who has patience enough to show this little guy that people aren't bad. He warms up to new people in just a few days and will follow his people around the house. He is a young boy who loves to explore and play so will need a secure, fenced-in yard. 


Pomeranian mix
Age 4

Buddy is a young guy but prefers a slower pace. He wants a quiet forever home with no kids and just a couple people. He does do well with other dogs, but not cats. (He's really a little fussy.) At 16 lbs., Buddy does need a fenced-in yard to explore and exercise. So basically one or two forever homebodies and a dog would make his life.


Chihuahua/beagle mix

Age 9 months



Welcome, Miss Hazel! We've got an 11-lb cutie coming your way! Hazel is learning her manners and what it means to be a good dog. She's still very much a puppy and will need some patient forever people to work with her. She's going to be quite the find for the right ones!


Chihuahua mix
Age 9 months

Mr. Carlos is quite the character. He’s young and energetic, very playful and curious about the world around him, the perfect companion for an adventurer! While shy at first, he’s incredibly loyal and is happiest on your lap and being cuddled. He will need more socialization, as he can be clingy.


He has lots of love to give once given a chance to warm up. He needs a forever home with kids over 10 (foster mom thinks older kids would be good for him) and a secure, fenced-in yard to explore and play. Carlos does well with other dogs! He will chase cats but doesn't hurt them. Overall, just a sweet boy who wants lots of love!


Chihuahua mix
Age 2-1/2

With her long legs and beautiful white fur, Pearl is as elegant as you'd expect. She's cautious and slow to warm up but once she knows you, she wants to keep you company. Pearl is on the quiet side. She doesn't pay cats much mind, and she will play with other dogs a little bit. She's very gentle when she accepts a treat. Pearl is a very graceful dog that will do best in a quiet house without young kids. If you'd like a soft and sweet companion, apply for Pearl!


Chi Pin (chi/min pin)
Age 1-1/2

Is this boy gorgeous or what? Sinbad is a looker and he bonds easily. He's not needy at all but has a protective streak. He gets along with other dogs but needs a home with no cats or young kids. He does great with kids that are 10 or older, so he would be a great addition to a family. He has a lot of energy and so he needs exercise and a secure, fenced-in yard. If Sinbad looks like the dog for you, you may be the forever he needs so put your application in!


Chihuahua mix
Age 10

Cheeko is the man. And what a delightful little man, he is! At a stocky 11 lbs, he appears to have a little doxie in him. Although Cheeko has hip and knee issues, you almost wouldn't know it. Despite his wobble, this boy is on the move. While it is unlikely, he will ever "go for a walk", he loves a good buggy ride and insists this be a part of his week. He loves to chase balls and will even fetch if he feels like it. Above all, he LOVES toys and wants to squeak and roll and chew and play with every single one.

Cheeko loves to cuddle and at the end of the day sleeps soundly. There is nothing about life that this boy doesn't love. While he's a senior with some big mobility issues and a level 2 heart murmur, he's a gem and whoever adopts him will be one lucky person indeed. Important note: Cheeko requires lifting up and down stairs, etc. Adopter must be able to lift and carry 11 lbs. He is currently on daily meloxicam and turmeric chews. 


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