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Available Dogs

All of Mary T's available rescue dogs and puppies are age-appropriately vaccinated, spayed or neutered and micro-chipped.

The ages of most of our dogs are approximate and the breeds best guesses since we are not able to verify them. 

Please note that submitting an application does not mean you're automatically approved to adopt. Vet checks are the first thing we do, so if you do not provide the name and number of your vet, your application will be automatically denied. All of your current pets (or past pets if you do not have current pets) must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccines and heartworm preventative. We check for the following:

  • Sterilization

  • Vaccinations and boosters for distemper with lepto, rabies and bordatella.

  • Annual heartworm and fecal tests

  • Annual heartworm and flea prevention

We do not typically approve first-time dog owners and recommend visiting nearby shelters. If you haven't had a dog for awhile, we do look into equivalent cat care in lieu of recent dog history.

Our adoption fee is $350.


Unfortunately, we are unable to adopt dogs out of state or to Canada at this time. Approved adopters will be contacted. Thank you.



King Charles/Pom mix

Age 4


Brooklyn is a Mary T favorite. She is simply beautiful with her pompom coat, making her a wonderful puffball to cuddle with. She is very sweet and happy and has loads of energy. She definitely needs a secure fenced-in yard to run around in. She gets along great with other dogs and overall is a very friendly dog. We prefer a forever home with kids no younger than 12. Since she's been in her foster home she hasn't had any accidents (we don't guarantee potty training). Overall, Brooklyn is a find and you've found her so apply today!



Chihuahua mix

Age 2-1/2

Brewster is one of those dogs that needs to feel wanted. Up until now, he hasn't been so sure. He gets along with other dogs and cats but he's kind of unsure of himself there too. Basically, he's learning he doesn't have to be scared anymore but it's taking him a minute. He tends to crouch low when approached and is not nuts about being picked up.


Brewster has decided he loves toys and will happily carry them around and create a little pile for himself. He has also decided that snuggling with his foster siblings and mom is really nice! Brewster loves to give kisses and is quick to roll over and give you his belly. Belly rubs are his favorite!

Brewster has yet to master a few things but he will be as devoted to his forever people as they are to him! He needs time, love and encouragement. He truly just wants to be loved.



Chihuahua mix

Age 16 months



Diego is a beautiful 6-lb, brindle chihuahua mix. He's all ears!


He is good with other dogs of all sizes and good with cats too. Diego is crate trained but likes to cuddle up under the blankets and watch TV with his human.


Diego is in need of a adult only home. Sorry folks, but there will be no exceptions as far as that goes. If you have grand kids who come to visit or other kids that come over, Diego is not the right dog for your home.


To adopt Diego you MUST have a fenced in yard. Going for walks will not give this little guy the exercise he needs. Diego loves to run around outside.

If all the above works for you, please put your application in. He needs you!



Chihuahua mix

Young adult



Raz is a chihuahua mix, possibly a chiweenie because he has short little legs and a stocky build. He's still quite small, however, at about 10 lbs.

Raz is still learning how to be a pet dog, so he is not yet available. He is a quiet dog but he barks at cats and challenges most male dogs. He is not suitable for a house with kids at all.

As he decompresses in his foster home, more info will become available. We are accepting applications but he is not yet available. 



Chihuahua mix.

Age 1


Mila is a sweet, friendly and active young lady. She just arrived at MTC and her foster mom is getting to know her. So far, she is getting to know her little foster brother and going on walks.

Mila is still in many ways a puppy, so she will need some basic training and patience. Her foster mom is already teaching her tricks and she's a fast learner.

As we learn more, we will pass on the info to you. Sje's a beauty!



Chihuahua mix

Age 5

Kasper says he's not a ghost, he's a great dog for goodness sake! And he really is a great dog! He says he like other dogs a lot. He loves to hang out and play with the best of them. He'd really love a doggy sibling. But better yet, he wants a forever person to celebrate Christmas with this year and the next and the next... If you're looking for a snuggle bunny--we mean, dog--Kasper says, he's your boy!



Chihuahua mix

Young adult



Happy. Energetic. Friendly. Jingles is all that and more! She is pretty leggy and tall for a chihuahua, so we can't tell what she's mixed with other than a whole lot of love! 

Jingles is high energy and wants to bolt, so a secure, fenced-in yard is a must!

Jingles is a young girl who needs exercise, so if you're a walker or a runner, she's your gal! She enjoys playing with other dogs too. A buddy would be wonderful. Any kids in the house should not be younger than 12. 

Jingles is a sweet dog but requires a lot of attention. She wants to be with her people at all times! She loves to cuddle and her favorite place is your lap. 

Your best friend has arrived. Apply for her today!



Miniature Pinscher

Young adult



Arial is a young mother dog, who came into rescue with one puppy. They were found, abandoned in a parking lot!

Despite this sad turn of events in her life, she has a wonderful disposition now that she and her young pup are safe with us.

At about 12 lbs, Arial is a classic minpin but without the docked tail and cropped ears, which is just fine by us. She's a beauty!

While she is still taking care of her little one, she is not yet available but we are accepting apps so get yours in!



Jack Russell mix

Age 7 months


Neiko is a new arrival, so we don't have a complete profile on him yet. He's still pretty skittish just off transport, plus he's still a puppy -- a rather large one at that. He's 18 lbs! We don't imagine he will get much bigger. He may fill out some. Check out his long legs!

But yes, Neiko is just a big baby and as sweet as can be. So far, he is getting along great with his foster sibling and we are off to a great start!




Age 2



This gal is going to be a favorite! Not only is she oh-so-adorable and small, she's a happy, friendly girl. Look, she's even smiling, soon after intake and in the car!

Dixie will make a great companion for someone. If you think that could be you, get your application in! We'll post more as we get to know her!



Jack Russell Terrier

Age 5



Rifle is our newest pack member, so we don't have a lot to share with you yet. 

According to Petfinder, the Jack Russell Terrier is "a fearless, not to mention tenacious, working terrier, bred to go to ground for work and loves to dig.


"He’s confident, alert and always ready for work. His weatherproof coat may be broken or smooth; his small, flexible chest helps him pursue underground quarry; and his long legs help him trail fast-running game. 


"The Jack Russell Terrier is well-balanced with substantial boning, signifying endurance and strength."

A secure, fenced-in yard will be required.



Longhair chihuahua

Age 10




We love the seniors. If you do too, we have a beautiful little gal for you. At only 5 lbs, she really is a tiny little thing and she has a few teeth left! 

Tila is very quiet and mild-mannered. She wants to be near her people at all times. Every once in awhile, a little of her old spunk will break through and she'll want to play.


Chances are, once she has time to acclimate, more of her personality will start to show.


However, we think she's pretty amazing just how she is! 

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