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Available Dogs



Age 1-1/2

Happy Days are here again because Marion's puppy-bearing days are over. As much as we've adored her puppies, she is meant for more. She is meant to be somebody's best friend; someone who will make it all about her and give her the great home she deserves. Marion will make a lucky person a great companion. She loves to cuddle and she loves to dance. She's qyuite dainty on her two back feet! 



Age 4


Zoey is a person dog and would do great with a dog person, as she really is all about people. You can take her anywhere, as long as she gets to lap hop and be a part of it all. If you're looking for a best friend and happy girl (she gives kisses), Zoey is your gal. 

Sassy Sue

Chihuahua, long hair

Age 9

Sassy Sue has been giving Seamus some competition for most photogenic. We'd really like to see her get adopted soon. Our little furball of spunk deserves the best life has to offer. And I mean, who can resist this face?



Age 6


Say hello to our blonde bombshell. The divine Ms. Sophia is as loveable as she is lovely. At only 7 lbs., she's easy to take with you everywhere and be your very best friend. If you'd like to meet our little Sophia, get your application in!



Age 2

Jenny is an all-around great dog. You would never know what a rough start in life that she's had. She is gentle, cuddly, eager to please and loves to play. On top of it all, Jenny is as cute as a bug. Jenny's the best and deserves that as well. That means forever people.



Age 1-1/2 years

There's nothing like a pom to stir things up around here. Peter is a popular breed so if you're thinking of making him a part of your family, think quickly. He has a beautiful black and white coat and a disposition to match. Everyone he meets adores him. You will too.



Age 2

Seamus has a big personality wrapped up in his 5 lb. body. Our little squirt loves to mug for the camera and has become quite a ham. In addition to entertaining us, He loves to play, he's great with other dogs and loves to snuggle. He just can't figure out why his forever people haven't found him yet. He's made quite a name for himself around here



Age 3

As her photo suggests, Sasha loves people and she loves to play. She would make a great family dog as a one and only or perhaps a twosome because she really wants all the attention for herself. She imagines playing monkey, going for walks, and having someone to sit next to and hold her tight. If you're looking for a loving companion, Sasha says you need not look any further. She's ready to go.


Pomchi mix

Age 1


Awwww, Dino! We love this little guy. Little Dino has been passed up for puppies quite a bit but he's every bit as cute and with his lovely silky coat he's just a joy to pet and snuggle with. Dino also plays well with others and simply charms everyone he meets. Ask to meet Dino. Honestly, you won't regret it.