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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are the dogs on your website (or that you listed on Petfinder) available for adoption? 
Answer: Yes, unless otherwise noted. Some dogs we have listed on our website or on Petfinder are receiving medical care and are not yet available for adoption. Please fill out an adoption application if you would like to be considered.

Question: What is your adoption fee?

Answer: Our adoption fee is $400.

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Question: Do you adopt out of state?

Answer: Unfortunately, we are unable to adopt dogs out of state or to Canada at this time. Approved adopters will be contacted. Thank you.

Question: Am I able to meet a dog I am interested in before I put in my adoption application?

Answer: As we are a foster based rescue, we are not able to offer meet and greets with our dogs until after an application has been submitted and approved.

Question: I submitted an adoption application. How long until I hear back?

Answer: It typically takes our volunteers about 10-14 business days to fully look over an application. As we are completely staffed by volunteers, we are not always able to respond to every application that has been denied, but we try our best. Please note that submitting an application does not mean you're automatically approved to adopt. Vet checks are the first thing we do, so if you do not provide the name and number of your vet, your application will be automatically denied. 

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Question: I submitted an adoption application but was denied. Why?

Answer: Unsterilized/unvaccinated animals in the home and incomplete applications are some of the main reasons an application is denied. Please make sure to thoroughly review your application before submitting. We do not typically approve first-time dog owners and recommend visiting nearby shelters. If you haven't had a dog for awhile, we do look into equivalent cat care in lieu of recent dog history. Lastly, we work extremely hard to match each dog with their perfect forever family. Please make sure to read each dogs bio before applying. Some of our dogs have very specific requirements such as a fenced in yard or no small children.

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